Slovenian hunters voted – the new lynx’s name is Maks

The last lynx that will be released into nature this year was translocated from Slovakia at the beginning of June. Since then the lynx was adjusting to his new environment in a quarantine enclosure in Snežnik. In the meantime, Slovenian hunters have chosen a name for the lynx. After counting more than 460 votes, the winner was Maks.

Photo: lynx Maks

The name was given to honor a Slovenian professional hunter and forester, Maks Konečnik, who was taking care of the lynx, reintroduced in Slovenia in 1973.  For all who are wondering who is Maks Konečnik, we prepared a short documentary film, honoring his work as a forester and hunter. Maks’s stories from the forests of Kočevje will bring you back in time to an earlier era.

Lynx Maks is the first lynx that was translocated from Slovakia to Slovenia and the last lynx that will be released into nature this year in the scope of the LIFE Lynx project.  We will continue with the lynx translocations in the next year.

Written by: LIFE Lynx project team

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