Project VET4BioECONOMY will provide an unique curriculum and e-course

Forest bioeconomy links the whole forest value chain: from management of forest resources in a sustainable manner to the delivery of products and services with higher added value.

VET4BioECONOMY will provide free and innovative vocational and educational training (VET) for key competences in the emerging field of forest bioeconomy. This unique forest bioeconomy curriculum and e-course, which will be in line with the policy priorities defined in the EU strategies. Project is co-funded from Erasmus+ Programme.

Slovenia Forest Service is one of project partners and beside work on the VET, it will help to reach project primary target groups, forestry and wood processing professionals.

Other forest related professionals (pharmaceutical industry, medicine, food industry), regional and local governments’), VET providers, such as chambers of commerce, chambers of entrepreneurs and chambers of forestry and wood processing engineers would also benefit from provided knowledge.

Interactive e-course will have traditional learning materials (texts and questionnaires) but also modern materials made with interesting tools.

This short video about the Erasmus+ VET4BioECONOMY project was made with such a tool:

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