Autumn Educational Seminar with Forest Pedagogy Activities

Slovenia Forest Service (SFS) participated in the educational Forest Pedagogy Seminar, held on October 3rd 2019 on the premises of the Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) in Ljubljana. Seminar, composed from lectures and practical workshops, was organized by the Slovenian Forestry Institute (Forest Experiments team).

SFS had 3 representatives from Regional Units (VET4BIOECONOMY project) and two representatives from the Central Unit (LIFEGENMON project).

In the morning, the lectures provided more than 40 participants with scientifically supported facts about the diverse range of non-wooden forest products. In the opening speech, Špela Planinšek summarized this year’s activities of the SFI and the SFS in the field of forest pedagogy. The theme of International Day of Forests 2019 was Forests and Education. In Slovenia, we have adapted the slogan to “Forest is Wisdom” and have been working under this slogan all spring, summer, and autumn.

The lectures that followed offered a number of interesting facts on the following topics:

  • Slovenians – The non-wood forest product gatherers;
  • Fungi – Misconceptions and truths;
  • Pollinators – The word of 2018; Healing properties of fir trees.

In the afternoon, field presentations and activities of outdoor forest pedagogy were held. Participants tasted chestnut rolls, chewed spruce resin, tested Finnish ointment Smrekovit and acorn coffee (complemented with barley and honey). Prof. Samo Kreft showed experiments with acids and bases, and explained how fir extracts benefit our organisms. 

One of the activities of forest pedagogy encouraged participants to recognize tree species based on the scent (extracts, Berryshka). Participants had a chance to take a look at many fungi species and learn the difference between fungi and mushrooms. An interesting discovery were the sounds, heard after knocking on wooden boards from different tree species.

SFS representatives gained valuable knowledge of non-wooden forest goods.

Report prepared by Andreja Gregorič and Kristina Sever.

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